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Custom built, redesigned, created by hand, with passion.

We thrive on creating out-of-this-world artisanal espresso machines by hand. Every espresso machine is a one-of-a-kind design built with a vintage skeleton, new components and scavenged re-purposed materials from a time where craftsmanship was a point of pride. We like to carry that tradition forward, rebelling against production lines, and actually putting the time and care into our work; your espresso machine.


Fantastiko Magic Box

This custom built espresso machine was commissioned by a passionate owner that had a refined aesthetic request without a defined overall look. It is to be outfitted on a bicycle trailer with feels of antique rickshaw cart and hand powered machinery.
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The design was to reflect hand worked metals with essence of fantastic travel and timeless functionality. It called for a new propane heat source and a lever action in order to have the option to not use electricity in order to function. Created with refurbished metals from an old cast iron stove, antique brass valves, scavenged weathered copper sheeting and a new plate of sheer brass. Each rivet drilled and fitted with a brass tack one by one. The windows allow for sight of the flame as well as the inner workings.

La Pavoni ‘P/tre’ frame, boiler and lever group, Rancilio valves, Astoria propane kit.


Rusty Frankenstein
This custom built espresso machine was commissioned by an off grid campground complete with wood bread oven. The owners are people of metal work.
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The design was to instill bad ass solidness, serious confidence and sheer weight. Rusted metal plate found in a friend’s wrecking yard, rail-road spikes and hoarded rusted lever group springs slop welded and plasma cut with simple hand drawn curves. Plasma cutting was also used on the new brass plate in order to match the jaggedness of the rusted steel shaped plates. Large industrial black bolts ruggedly seals the deal.

NuovaSimonelli ‘Elle’ frame and boiler, Astoria lever group, Rancilio valves.


Chopped n’ Modified Z11

This custom built espresso machine was summoned by a commercial kitchen with an adjacent café. With mostly functionality in mind, the experienced crew knew they really wanted a solid machine with no bells and whistles reducing need for repair.
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Chopped n’ Modified Z11


Built with repurposed parts form high quality machines removing the need for extensive electronics. Semi-automatic exposed parts made for an industrial user friendly work horse while being quiet thanks to it’s external pump tucked away under the counter with easy access to pressure adjustments. Aesthetics based on functionality and space ergonomics with the flare of a nostalgic french bakery from a previous era… in a different dimension. To us, that means ‘let’s chop it’! Hot water tap on solenoid switch with cold water manual adjusting valve on front panel for full barista temperature control.

Rancilio Z11 Hydraulic frame and hydro-block, Rancilio S20 boiler, groups and valves.


Walnut Wood Windows

This re-built espresso machine was a true rescue mission. A coffee booth ended up at a 45 degree angle after getting struck by a vehicle. The machine fell off the counter and suffered severe damage. The broken plastic panels no longer available new, never did this machine justice.
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An  esthetic facelift was gifted to the owner. A finally produced design lingering for many years in the builder’s mind as a veteran espresso machine technician, thus initiating the new crusade known as Renegade Rebuilds. Black walnut and birch melded with windows fitted. Giving full credit to the wonderful lever machine that it has always been, exposing the eye catching front groups and valves, giving way to a slicker more ergonomic machine. Scavenged re-purposed copper plate on facing, aluminum custom re-made valve handles to replace plastic.

NuovaSimonelli frame, boiler and valves, Astoria groups with updated latest version top heads.

Renegade Rebuilds

NikoBliss, a ‘seasoned coffee beverage confection by steam machinery’ technician with a previous background in theatrical production and design. (Click here to read more...)

With a penchant for vintage quality and a frustration for unwarranted electronics, RenegadeRebuilds was the obvious answer to a technical artist needing to exploit the passion of a lost machinery art merging with the need for a creative outlet. Re-designing espresso machines using vintage quality components, new parts, scavenged materials and re-purposed quality metals and wood, working with other artists, creating rebirth and tribute to a machine that may just live forever. Renegade Rebuilds Custom Espresso Machines are built out of humble Nelson BC Canada. A quaint little town known for art, grass-roots culture and promoting its weirdness. We don’t try to hide our eccentricities, it’s what makes us real.


Renegade Rebuilds

Some seriously bad ass rebuilt espresso machines!

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